Köyceğiz is located within the district of Muğla. Muğla is on Turkey’s Aegean coast. Köyceğiz is a beautiful town which is situated at the northern end of Köyceğiz Lake, an environment which is being preserved as a nature and wildlife preserve. Close to the Mugla-Fethiye highway it is easily accessible and yet far away enough to be peaceful and tranquil. Surrounded by mountains you feel relaxed and one with nature. 

The history of Köyceğiz goes back to 3400 B.C. The first civilized community in Köyceğiz were the Carians. Later the Asurians, Lonians, Persians, Romans, Seljuks,and Ottomans came. The ancient city of Caunos, where the Köycegiz Lake joins the Meditteranean Sea, was one of the most important ports and tradecentres of Carians. 

Köyceğiz offers a quiet life in a traditional Turkish town yet has all modern facilities. On Mondays there is a large bustling market which both locals from the surrounding area or bussed in by Dolmus (local transport) and tourists (who often travel accross the lake) both enjoy. Bargains are sure to be had as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. 

The Lake of Köyceğiz is often said to be as “as smooth as glass” till noon and then great for wind surfing in the afternoon. The Köyceğiz Lake contains almost every kind of seafood from fish to crab. The far side of the Lake is a maze of channels walled with reeds which is like a natural labyrinth. You can traverse by boat through these channels to nearby Dalyan which is a popular tourist resort and has many bars and resturants. On the way you can see the amazing Rock Tombs, carved into the cliff face above the ancient harbour city of Caunos. Alternatively you can drive along aromatic frankincense trees lined roads to Dalyan. 

Further along the Dalyan Delta you can reach Iztuzu beach, which is another nature conservation area and refuge for sea turtles (Caretta Carretta) and blue crabs. 

The Dalaman River is an ideal race course for rafting enthusiasts of different abilities. Rafting is increasingly a popular sport at the area since 1994. The Struggle with yourself and nature, group work and success are the basic instruments of rafting. Anyone at any age who can swim can join rafting at the Dalaman River. 

Köyceğiz is located only an hour drive from the cosmopolitan and popular tourist resort of Marmaris. It’s only 30 minutes from the beautiful riverside village of Dalyan, and only 45 minutes from Dalaman airport, Koycegiz is the ideal place to buy or build your own dream home, whether it will be a permanent residence or somewhere to escape to when you need a location which provides both entertainment or relaxation, not to mention the beautiful weather and scenery that Turkey is famous for.