Information About Fethiye

Fethiye is a well known province of Mugla city. It is located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, 50 Km away from Dalaman airport. Fethiye is located on the old ancient city of “Telmessos” which you can see the ruins and theatre in the town. Town is popular with tourism and its amazing nature. Population of the Fethiye is around 115,000 and gets busy at summer season.

In an legend “Telmessos” is described as the name of the son of God Apollo. He fells in love with the daughter of the King Agenor, the king of Phoenicia. He turns his self in to a small dog and gains the love of the withdrawn, shy daughter. Then appears as a handsome man and have the son named “Telmessos” which means “Land of the Lights”

The city became part of the Persian Empire 547 BC. “Telmessos” joined the “Attic Delos Union” established in 5th century BC. Later city left the union and became an independent city, continued its relations with the union until the 4th century BC.

Fethiye grew fast in the 19th century, and had a large population of Greek citizens. During the exchange between Greece and Turkey, the Greeks were sent to Greece and the town was settled with Turks came from Greece. The modern name “Fethiye” was given to the town in honor of Fethi Bey who was the one of the first pilots of the Ottoman Air Force died in a mission.

Nowadays Fethiye is a tourist town with its international atmosphere. There are 3 marinas in the town serves to international and local visitors and cruise ships. Town has everything that a tourist looks for. Delicious restaurants, great night life, history and nature, amazing bays, traditional markets and shops, daily excursions and activities and it is probably the only city in the world where you will find sarcophagus and lots of temples and ruins in the streets.


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